lorna martin

Agent: Rupert Heath

imageimage Lorna is an award-winning journalist with The Observer. After publication of her first article about going into therapy in The Observer, in January 2006, it was discussed on the daytime show Loose Women. After her second Observer article on the subject she was approached by the women's magazine, Grazia, to write a weekly column, 'Conversations With My Therapist', which ran through 2006 until June 2007. It has had a huge and positive response from readers. Deborah Orr recently devoted her column in The Independent to it, describing the series as compelling and her 'weekly seven minutes of guilty pleasure', and a columnist in the Sunday Herald described it as 'a hair-raising, brutally frank and often hilarious self-examination.'

Woman On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, Lorna's memoir, was published by John Murray in April 2008 to tremendous acclaim. Rights have been acquired in 13 countries. Lorna is working on a television adaptation which has been optioned by Working Title.

‘I was glued to it, as it made me laugh and cry in equal amounts - I didn't want to finish it’ Prima