russell senior

Agent: Rupert Heath

imageimage Russell Senior was the former guitarist in Pulp, co-writer of 'Common People' and the most stylish man in Britpop - known to this day in certain circles as the Imelda Marcos of sunglasses.

Freak Out The Squares is Russell's exceptionally witty, unusual and enlightening account of the heady times being a key member of Britpop's best-loved and most enduringly relevant band - and one from whom no substantial first-hand account has yet emerged. Packed with good stories about Britpop luminaries, it also features some very surreal and funny experiences of life on the road at home and abroad - a bumpy life most bands, however glamorous, are destined to follow for most of their careers. The book digs back into Pulp's origins in Sheffield and to their glory days at the height of Britpop. Russell is a smart and articulate commentator on fame (and its reverse) and how all bands, regardless of genre and era, ultimately *are* Spinal Tap to some extent. (There's also a very funny bit about a newt.)

Like others in Britpop, Russell Senior is a man too smart to have ever been a pop star. And Pulp were too odd a band ever to have become so big. But we can only be grateful that he was, and they did - and that Freak Out The Squares tells the story in Russell's inimitable, entertaining and fascinating way.

Freak Out The Squares will be published by Aurum Press in Spring 2015.