House of Malice

Scott Mariani

imageA brand new stand-alone ebook novella From Scott Mariani.

Published in September, House of Malice, a terrifying tale of the supernatural, is the first stand-alone work by Scott Mariani, otherwise known as the bestselling author of the Ben Hope series.

Mandy Freeman, a struggling mid-list author of romantic fiction, dreams of achieving the literary success of her idol, the bestselling romantic novelist Ellen Grace, who mysteriously vanished eight years ago. Having recently come into some money, Mandy is looking for a new home when to her amazement she finds that the country home that once belonged to Ellen Grace is on the market.

She happily moves in, but soon discovers to her growing unease that all is not right in the cottage: by night she experiences horrific dreams, and by day she has dreadful, sick and sadistic ideas for stories entering her mind that she simply must set on paper.

As things get gradually worse, Mandy has to question her own sanity. The mystery deepens when Mandy starts to delve into the history of the reclusive Ellen Grace and finally uncovers the most horrifying secret of all.