Sex, Lies & Book Publishing

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Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Keep your publisher closest of all.

If you are interested in being published, you should do all you can to make the publishing business interested in you. But how? You've already written a good book, so what else do you have to do to give yourself the edge with agents and publishers?

Sex, Lies & Book Publishing is a field guide to the nature of publishing – the unspoken rules and conventions deciding which books get published and which don’t based on the way the industry and its denizens think and act. It is an up-to-date insider’s guide to an often mysterious business. And it's an invaluable resource for any author seeking an agent and, ultimately, a publishing deal.

Sex, Lies & Book Publishing lifts the lid on the publishing world today, and the people who work in it – from the occasionally eyebrow-raising private lives of book editors, to the ways they judge new fiction and non-fiction and prepare it for publication. This guide is packed with trade secrets you won’t read anywhere else, including some which publishers might just prefer went unprinted.

Here's what the ebook offers you:


Sex, Lies & Book Publishing

Part 1 – From Inspiration To Representation

Chap 1 – The Agent
What is an agent, and why do you need one?
Chap 2 – To Find An Agent, Think Like An Agent
What agents are looking for
Chap 3 – Which Agent?
How to select the right kind of agent for you
Chap 4 – The Writer’s Ambassador – The Covering Letter
The vital importance of a good covering letter - and what not to do
Chap 5 - Five Pieces of Advice for Writers
Writing tips from the agent's perspective
Chap 6 - How To Write A Non-Fiction Book Proposal
The art of writing about a book which doesn't exist yet
Chap 7 – Going Into Partnership

How to accept an offer of representation from an agent

Part 2 – From Representation To Publication

Chap 8 The Submission Process
Sending the book out to publishers, and fielding responses
Chap 9 Doing The Deal
The offer of publication; the contract
Chap 10 Notes on Names
Spotting Spottiswoodes and Winduses
Chap 11 Editorial & Design
The role of the editor, and the importance of the book’s cover
Chap 12 Marketing & Publicity
Budgets, and how they get spent; media publicity; author-led promotion
Chap 13 99% Perspiration: How To Market Your Book
Why you can't leave it all to the publisher
Chap 14 Sales & Booksellers
The gatekeepers of success
Chap 15 Publication Day

The day of reckoning

Part 3 – The Wild Blue Yonder

Chap 16 The Next Step
How the book sold, and what that means for your career
Chap 17 The World Wide Write-a-thon
Self-publishing and ebooks
Chap 18 Back To The Slush Pile?
The future of publishing

Inside information can help you present the kind of work which will find a market. And that’s where this ebook gives you the edge.

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