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Sons of the Blood

‘Sons of the Blood is a first-rate reimagining of the struggle for the English throne between Richard III and Henry Tudor, with its vicious, ever-twisting political wheels and personal tragedies - the helpless Princes in the Tower are portrayed with particular poignancy, while the London of the 1480s is drawn with great vividness.’ C.J. Sansom

UK/Commonwealth (ex Canada) - Hodder & Stoughton
German - Blanvalet
French - Univers Poche

Why I No Longer Talk to White People About Race

An examination of the persistence of racist attitudes in supposedly post-racist Britain from a talented young journalist.

‘No one is an inherent racist. But many of us reinforce a violently unequal status quo. We are born into an already written script that tells us what to expect from strangers due to their skin colour, accents and social status. These scripts are the reason why, aged six, I turned to my mum and asked her when I would turn white, because "all the good people on TV were white, and all the villains were black and brown’".’

World English - Bloomsbury (Spring 2016)


The novel is set in a near-future where there are calls to have religious belief classified as a form of mental illness.

Criminal psychologist Logan must assess the sanity of a young woman who has committed a religiously-motivated atrocity, with the novel taking a turn towards a murder mystery when Logan suspects that a former romantic rival might have been involved in his daughter's death, and starts to investigate.

UK/Commonwealth ex Canada - Oneworld

Freak Out The Squares

An account of the heady times being a key member of Britpop's best-loved and most enduringly relevant band. Packed with good stories about Britpop luminaries, it also features some very surreal and funny experiences of life on the road at home and abroad - a bumpy life most bands, however glamorous, are destined to follow for most of their careers. The book digs back into Pulp's origins in Sheffield and to their glory days at the height of Britpop.

World Volume Rights - Aurum Press

Into The Woods: On The Trail of The Green Man

A geographical exploration of Britain's pagan roots as the author attempts to revive the cult of the Green Man, Britain's ancient emblem of man's relationship with nature. Beautifully written and energetically intelligent, the book will follow in the footsteps of writers like Robert MacFarlane, Olivia Laing and Bill Bryson in its synthesis of slow travel and literary inquiry.

UK/Commonwealth ex Canada - Faber & Faber (Spring 2016)

Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts

An extraordinary and compelling dark thriller, set in London, featuring the police detective Jonathan Dark, who uses his contact with ghosts to help uncover a serial killer. This elegant, disturbing and witty novel will appeal to fans of Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life.

Orion acquired UK rights for a six figure sum. The author’s debut The Beauty of Murder has been optioned by Company Pictures.

UK/Commonwealth (ex Canada) - Orion (November 2014)

Speed Kings

This will centre on the unusual sport of Bobsled, which back in the thirties provided the biggest thrills speed-wise that anyone could get. The four heroes of the book, all of whom led extraordinary lives, were emblematic of a dying breed of glamorous, amateur gentlemen adventurer heroes who came together virtually ad hoc to win the Bobsled event in the 1932 Winter Olympics, and who embody an age of speed and decadence careering towards WW2 when one of their number, Billy Fiske, became the first American serviceman to die in combat - serving as a Spitfire pilot with the RAF.

UK/Commonwealth (ex Canada) - Transworld (Spring 2015)
North America - Gotham/Penguin

Electric Shock

The secret history of pop music, tracing the key developments from the beginning of recorded sound in the late nineteenth century to the prematurely-reported death of the music industry in the present day. It will expose a culture always under threat from new technology but one which has ultimately always succeeded in harnessing that technology to increase its own power. Electric Shock will do for pop what The Rest Is Noise did for classical music, and the world may never seem quite the same again.

World ex US/Canada - Bodley Head/Random House (publication 2014)

Insurrection (trilogy)

An epic story comes to a thrilling climax as Robert the Bruce nears the fulfilment of his destiny.

Robert has achieved his great ambition to be crowned King of Scotland, but in so doing has provoked the wrath of Edward of England. Raising the feared dragon banner, the English king marches north, determined to recapture the kingdom.

But the English are not Robert's only enemies. By murdering his great rival, John Comyn, he has split the kingdom apart and with his forces depleted and many of his own countrymen turned against him, Robert is forced to flee into the wilderness. He has a crown, but no country, the will to lead, but no real authority.

The road before him is all but impossible, with treachery and heartbreak at every turn, but Robert must try slowly, surely, to regain the military advantage and the respect of a nation. The road leads inexorably to Bannockburn...

UK/Commonwealth (ex Canada) - Hodder & Stoughton
German - Blanvalet
French - Univers Poche
Dutch - Unieboek
Portuguese - Civilizaçáo
Swedish - Norstedts
Italian - Editrice Nord
Russian - Bookclub (Ukraine)
Canada – HarperCollins (Canada)
Bulgarian - Ciela
Brazilian - Record
Danish - People's Press
Romanian - Nemira